• Updates: The committee's report was accepted by the State Board of Education and a vote was held on June 20, 2017. The voters in both Roxbury and Montpelier approved the merger. 

    An Organizational meeting of the new Board took place on October 18, 2017. Governor Phil Scott presided in swearing in the new Board. Representatives from Roxbury on the new Board are Ryan Zajac and Lisa Frost.


    Montpelier-Roxbury Study Committee Charge:

    The school districts of Montpelier and Roxbury have chosen to com together to form a study committee to "analyze the advisability of forming a union school district under Act 46".


    The committee's work will be completed within a timeframe that will make possible consideration of a plan by voters by late Spring, 2017.


    Montpelier-Roxbury 10.19.18 Organizational Meeting Minutes


    Key Results of the Operating Study Committee:

    In order for the committee to develop a successful plan, we need to address the following result areas:


    1. Analyze the potential new unified union district relative to the goals of Act 46 and devise a plan that will assure the plan will help achieve

               those goals.

               a)  Improve education equity, quality and opportunity

               b)  Enhance efficiency and financial sustainability

               c)  Improve transparency and accountability


    1. Develop articles of agreement that achieve the goals, are considered legal and respect both communities.


    1. Support member communities in resolving particular challenges or issues.


    1. Inform and engage both communities regarding this entire effort.


    1. Complete and submit a report to the State Board in time for a vote.