• Special Services

    Welcome to the CVSU website for Special Education.

     This website has been designed in order to give as much information to parents and staff members as possible. We also believe that students, who come to this page, will find helpful information and understand the Special Education process. It is my personal philosophy that the more information you know, the better you understand and can make different choices about your student, or child.

     I truly hope you find all the information helpful and easy to find. The website was designed to provide information for the student, parent and teacher. As a united group, the Special Education Department is committed to providing high quality Special Education and support services for our students and their families. The department includes teaching staff, paraprofessionals, related service providers and special education administrative assistant staff.

    Please contact me directly if you have any questions regarding Special Education Services in CVSU.


    Vicki Hummer
    Director of Special Services 

    Whitney Hodgdon
    Administrative Assistant to the Director Special Services